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Developing Competency through Cooperative Education…and imprinting a Cooperative Conscience
within the Next Generation

Coopvalues is an education community for cooperatives
designed to compress the path to competency by 50% for cooperative managers, employees, directors and trustees.

Just the Facts

CoopValues compresses the knowledge you need to know into Executive Summaries, ‘bullet points’ and concise examples, accelerating the value of future instructor-led courses.

Individualized Information

CoopValues adjusts to what you already know. Individualized learning paths based upon learning assessments, keeps you focused on developing new competencies

Individualized Learning Styles

CoopValues allows for ALL learning styles. Each Coopvalues course covers the same information in various ways, making it easy to learn.

Individualized Discussions

Online Mentors with decades of national and local experience help you apply what you learn, at your local cooperative.

Board Governance & Strategy FastTrack

Focusing on the long-term needs of the cooperative, the board roles, and accepted practices for governing it’s business structure. Also understanding key internal relationships with the CEO, board chair and attorney.

Professional Development FastTrack

Using CoopValues’s Mentoring program, along with our strong community support groups, knowledge base and resource libraries, in order to maximize personal professional growth.

Financial Best Practices FastTrack

Providing an awareness of the overall financial process, and providing a context for understanding why management recommends certain financial plans and projections

Cooperative Way FastTrack

Growing a knowledge of the Cooperative Business Model – in order to maximize the Cooperative Difference into a Strategic Competitive Advantage.
cooperative education

On-Boarding the Next Generation

Cooperatives are in the midst of a simultaneous transition of experienced employees, senior management and board directors into the hands of the next generation. This transition is occurring during a time when traditional business models are facing unprecedented change in the industry.

Coopvalues seeks to ‘compress the path to competency’ by on-boarding the next generation through neuroscience-based educational principles within a hybrid ‘face-to-face’, professional community and online competency-based learning system. Cooperative Education for a new generation of coop leaders!

Here's what a student has to say about our cooperative education:

(The online course) …is very beneficial, especially for prospective candidates for Trustees. It is a two week experience, I feel, (that) has packed two years of learning into.

Janet Blank
Logan County Electrical Cooperative Trustee District 4

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