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It’s very easy to set up e-mail alerts on activities in a group on CoopValues, though this is probably not something you want to do for every group on the site. That’s going to be a lot of alerts, and you may start ignoring them. But used sparingly, this can be a great tool. Here’s what you need to do.

Click on Groups along the top of any page in, then select the My Groups tab.


There are several things you can do here. If you click the Leave Group button, for example, you’ll leave the group. But what we want is right underneath that button: the text that says “All Mail.” This means that right now you are getting all the e-mails that arrive from this group. If you want to change this, you just need to click the mail icon. A new menu will appear:

Safari - - Groups – Humanities Commons - Screen Shot October 21, 2016 at 10:01 PM

If you choose No email (at the top of the list), you won’t receive any e-mails connected to that particular group. If you choose All email (at the bottom of the list), you’ll receive an e-mail whenever anything happens in the group. The other options allow you to receive e-mails of different types and with more or less frequency. Click the option you want and you’re finished.

It’s important to note that this changes settings for a single group on, not for every group to which you belong. If you want to change your global settings—for example, if you want to receive no e-mails from coopvalues.comyou need to go to your personal-settings page.

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