Generating Expertise … and imprinting a Cooperative Conscience … within the Next Generation

What is is a cooperative learning community designed to compress the path to competency by 50% for cooperative managers, employees, directors and trustees.

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COMPETENCIES form the foundation of the educational experience, and from those competencies, PRE-BOARDING courses (comprised of videos, animations, simulations and summary articles) are developed, which compliment the ‘face-to-face’ instructor-led courses (NRECA, CFC, etc.). Finally, a community of peer-advisors and subject-matter expert/mentors COLLABORATES online in analyzing SCENARIO-BASED case studies, of real-life cooperative situations.

How to get rid of Ambition Killers

When an employee or Board Member begins to work at your organization, they come to work with a health dose of enthusiasm. Typically, over time enthusiasm fades and they’re no longer so excited to come to work. .. if you don’t change this dynamic, it affects that employee and the whole organization. If you’re frustrated about your own performance, or others in your company, … then is just for you. Here’s why…

Coopvalues can help you change short-term Enthusiasm into long-term Ambition!

Most companies just ignore this problem, and it just gets worse.

Does these sound familiar?

  • Even at their best, Onboarding programs are mostly hype as leaders share their mission statements and company history. Lot’s of “fancy words on the wall”. New employees or Board Members spend the first week waiting for computer access, badging, parking, filling out HR forms… doing “nothing” certainly isn’t going to get people excited.
  • New employees bring a fresh perspectives and ideas. What do the “old timers” do? Shut them down with the “that’s a nice idea but we tried it before/it won’t work here.”
  • Employees might fail to complete their jobs in a satisfactory manner, but is help really available? Is your company truly open to asking questions? Is there adequate training on how to do the job, in the way your organization wants it done? How is failure, (experimentation?) viewed at your company? If you want to totally destroy ambition, allow your employees to fail without any helpful remediation.
  • Working alone is fine, but over the course of time, isolation can kill motivation. All of us need to work, sometimes, collaboratively and in teams.

We’ve got the answers to these situations, and more!

The Key to Driving Ambition in your employees and Board Members is found in how well they learn to manage all aspects of their onboarding, and continued career at your organization. If you want ambitious, engaged and motivated employees — their Ambition needs to be maintained, like any well-oiled machine, every day. offers online courses, mentoring with nationally known Subject Matter Experts, easy-to-find sources of curated knowledge, professional connections, and shared ideas. is a community of like-minded professionals, driving ambition and solving problems every day.

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For most people, having help in getting started and ‘learning the ropes’ is critical for successfully learning new responsibilities. Coopvalues provides a peer-to-peer and mentoring network, designed to provide the support and guidance needed to enhance skills, knowledge and abilities … taking them to the next level. Mentoring increases collaboration among individuals from different generations and cultural backgrounds, for effective preparation of the next generation of leaders to take the reins.

This video describes the benefits of having ON-DEMAND availability of mentors, as well as an extensive, searchable knowledge-base of cooperative information and in a cooperative learning community.

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